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Boat activities and water sports in Barcelona

Here will find aquatic activities very fun: nautical practices, regattas, fishing trips, paddle surfing, diving, snorkeling... 

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Are you a sport fan? Do you enjoy the sea on sunny spring and summer days of Barcelona? Barcelona is the second most populated city in Spain and has beaches of fine golden sand where you can enjoy pleasant temperatures, since they do not usually exceed 28 degrees Celsius.

The coast of Barcelona offers multiple options for you to practice water sports both near the coast and on the high seas. Along the coast of Barcelona, you can sail and take nautical practice, you can practice sports such as regattas, fishing, diving and snorkelling, watercraft, donut and banana, fly board, fly fish and many other activities.

Sailing and nautical practices

Navigating the Catalan coast is an unforgettable experience for any sailor who enjoys a quiet and enriching journey. Renting a boat in Barcelona will allow you to discover charming lost coves. And there is nothing better to do than sailing to a cove and spend the day with your friends, partner or family. If you want to learn how to sail you can take nautical practices and learn the sense of direction, the anchoring techniques, the boating knots and above all, the control and management of a boat. With these navigation courses you will become a passionate sailor and you will learn how to sail like a real captain. You will be able to go to the beaches you have always wanted to discover and to enjoy a boat trip with all its comforts.


If you like sailing aboard a sailing boat, do not hesitate to rent it in Barcelona to enjoy the traditional Mediterranean regatta "La ruta del Sol". The route starts in Barcelona and ends in Ibiza.

Fishing trips

If you love fishing this is your choice, because by renting a boat to fish you will see beautiful specimens on the high seas, much easier than from the land, a unique and unforgettable experience for all fans and lovers of fishing.

Paddle surf

This sport was born in Polynesia and is commonly called SUP or stand-up paddling. Surfboard training strengthens the muscles of the body trunk and the natural reflexes that determine people’s balance. After several surfboard training sessions, you will notice how your balance has improved significantly and that the calories expenditure is significant. The SUP is a water sport practiced on a surfboard while the person is standing.

Scuba diving and snorkelling

These are some of the simplest, funniest and unique water activities you can do when renting a boat in Barcelona. Additionally, the Mediterranean fauna is very rich with its variety and reefs. The Catalan coast is studied by many marine curious and experts who admit this is an unforgettable experience.

Jet Ski

If you have not tried it yet, now it is your turn as you will certainly love it. It is considered as the best aquatic activity. Feel the adrenaline of speed with your jet ski cruising the entire coast of Barcelona.

Donut and banana boat

Riding on a banana boat or a donut is something really funny to share among friends. Feel the adrenaline of speed, forget about control and live an unforgettable experience. Do not think it twice, let yourself be driven from the water.

Fly board and fly fish

This water sport is called like this because of the jumps simulating a "flying fish". This mode is the most exciting due to the high speed that reaches the user pushed by a powerboat. People who have tried fly board or fly fish jumped and performed incredible pirouettes. Of course, this sport is not suitable for all audiences, it is appropriate for those who want to live new adventurous experiences.

Family plans by boat in Barcelona

If you are planning a family holiday and you all have different opinions on where to go and on the activities to be performed, depending on the age, preferences and hobbies, renting a boat in Barcelona is a great option.

At AlquilerdeBarco.com we have the perfect solution for you. If you are looking for a funny and different plan for the whole family in Barcelona, appealing to the younger and older of the house, where everyone can have fun, your best choice is to rent a boat. 

If you would like to do something special during your day off, or it is the birthday of a family member, by renting a family boat in Barcelona you will enjoy plenty of activities both for children and adults. 

It is always easy to convince children when explaining them that you are going to spend the day on board a boat, isn’t a good plan for them? They will be delighted with the experience of getting on a boat, sailing in Barcelona, ​​going to the captain's cabin, putting on the captain's hat and feeling like a pirate when boarding. They will also love all the nautical activities, such as the Banana, a funny float to play in the water, and the Donut, the activity that most will make them enjoy.

Family boat activities in Barcelona

For those parents who also look for adults’ activities, by renting a boat you will certainly find plenty of options. You need to try new activities such as watercraft, as there is no better feeling than the freedom that offers you driving a watercraft. Fly board: do you want to feel like Superman but in the water? This is your activity, one of the funniest for the adventurous parents. Jet Surf: an activity that will make you enjoy as if you were one of the children of the boat. Paddle surf: hold your balance while rowing on a surfboard enjoying Barcelona skyline.

And for grandparents? Grandparents also deserve to have their own activities and be part of this unique family day in Barcelona. If we offer them activities to do aboard they will also have a great time. Dances: after lunch or dinner on the boat, they can enjoy listening to live music, so that they can dance and teach us. Golf: is installed on board so they can shoot biodegradable balls on the high seas. Snorkel: to carry out diving activities and see the seabed on the high seas.

Besides being able to carry out different activities when renting a boat in Barcelona, ​​you can also be delighted with all kinds of refreshing drinks like soft drinks, shakes, cava or juices. You will also be able to choose among different types of catering to enjoy a family meal on board after the activities.